We've come a long way. Here's our story.

Racex Studios is a business that was founded long before the name was born. With an incredible passion for cars and racing, and a niche for capturing what excites people most about their own businesses and passions, photographer, film maker, and entrepreneur AJ McKee started her production company almost a decade before she completely embraced the automotive industry.

Today, she travels the world filming and photographing races and professional drivers to connect them and their teams with their audiences and sponsors.

The vision here at Racex Studios is to inspire emotion and excitement into every single person who comes across the automotive industry- whether they're into cars or not.

If we can elevate your heart rate through our productions, inspire you to work harder through our artwork, or get you excited about the cars or positions you wish to see yourself in one day, we are all taking a huge step towards the things we want in life. And that's no small feat.

We are here to inspire you, fill your walls with beautiful art, and share our love for cars, fast and beautiful- all at approachable prices with sizes for all spaces.